Here is the list of accepted papers for IPMI 2019. Details of the program will be announced soon.

Oral Presentations

Paper ID




A Bayesian Neural Net to Segment Images with Uncertainty Estimates and Good Calibration

Rohit Jena; Suyash P. Awate


A Deep Neural Network for Manifold-valued Data with Applications to Neuroimaging

Rudrasis Chakraborty; Jose Bouza; Jonathan Manton; Baba Vemuri


A Fast Fiber k-Nearest-Neighbor Algorithm with Application to Group-wise White Matter Topography Analysis

Junyan Wang; Yonggang Shi


A Novel Sparse Overlapping Modularized Gaussian Graphical Model for Functional Connectivity Estimation

Zhiyuan Zhu; Zonglei Zhen; Xia Wu


Adaptive Graph Convolution Pooling for Brain Surface Analysis

Karthik Gopinath; Christian Desrosiers; Herve Lombaert


Asymmetry Spectrum Imaging for Baby Diffusion Tractography

Ye Wu; Weili Lin; Dinggang Shen; Pew-Thian Yap; The UNC/UMN Baby Connectome Project Consortium


Controlling Meshes via Curvature: Spin Transformations for Pose-Invariant Shape Processing

Loic Le Folgoc; Daniel C. Castro; Jeremy Tan; Bishesh Khanal; Konstantinos Kamnitsas; Ian Walker; Amir Alansary; Ben Glocker


Deep Modeling of Growth Trajectories for Longitudinal Prediction of Missing Infant Cortical Surfaces

Peirong Liu; Zhengwang Wu; Gang Li; Pew-Thian Yap; Dinggang Shen


Diffeomorphic Medial Modeling

Paul A Yushkevich; Jiancong Wang; Ahmed Aly; Long Xie; Laurent Younes; Robert Gorman; Alison Pouch


Efficient brain morphological analysis on the Bag-of-Features Manifold

Laurent Chauvin; Kuldeep Kumar; Christian Desrosiers; Jacques De Guise; William Wells; Matthew Toews


Event-Based Modeling with High-Dimensional Imaging Biomarkers for Estimating Spatial Progression of Dementia

Vikram Venkatraghavan; Florian Dubost; Esther Bron; Wiro Niessen; Marleen de Bruijne; Stefan Klein


Explicit topological priors for deep-learning based image segmentation using persistent homology

James Clough; Ilkay Oksuz; Nicholas Byrne; Julia A Schnabel; Andrew King


Improved Disease Classification in Chest X-rays with Transferred Features from Report Generation

Yuan Xue; Xiaolei Huang


Improving Generalization of Deep Networks for Inverse Reconstruction of Image Sequences

Sandesh Ghimire; Prashnna Kumar Gyawali; Jwala Dhamala; John L. Sapp; Bohumil Milan Horacek; Linwei Wang


InceptionGCN: Receptive Field Aware Graph Convolutional Network for Disease Prediction

Anees Kazi; Shayan Shekarforoush; Arvind Krishna; Hendrik Burwinkel; Gerome J Vivar; Karsten Kortuem; Ahmad Ahmadi; Shadi Albarqouni; Nassir Navab


Incorporating Mixed Effects in Convolutional Neural Networks: On Training Models with Dependent Samples in Neuroimaging

Yunyang Xiong; Hyunwoo J Kim; Bhargav Tangirala; Vikas Singh


Integrating Convolutional Neural Networks and Probabilistic Graphical Modeling for Epileptic Seizure Detection in Multichannel EEG

Jeffrey Craley; Emily Johnson; Archana Venkataraman


Learning low-dimensional representations of shape data sets with diffeomorphic autoencoders

Alexandre Bône; Maxime Louis; Olivier Colliot; Stanley Durrleman


Limited Angle Tomography Reconstruction: Synthetic Reconstruction via Unsupervised Sinogram Adaptation

Bo Zhou; Xunyu Lin; Brendan Eck


Local optimal transport for functional brain template estimation

Thomas Bazeille; Hugo Richard; Hicham Janati; Bertrand Thirion


Minimizing Non-Holonomicity: Finding Sheets in Fibrous Structures

Tabish Syed; Kaleem Siddiqi; Babak Samari


Modeling and inference of spatio-temporal protein dynamics across brain networks

Sara Garbarino; Marco Lorenzi


Real-Time Patient-Specific Lung Radiotherapy Targeting using Deep Learning

Markus D Foote; Blake Zimmerman; Amit Sawant; Sarang Joshi


Semi-Supervised and Task-Driven Data Augmentation

Krishna Chaitanya; Neerav Karani; Christian Baumgartner; Olivio Donati; Anton Becker; Ender Konukoglu


Unsupervised Deformable Registration for Multi-Modal Images via Disentangled Representations

Chen Qin; Bibo Shi; Rui Liao; Tommaso Mansi; Daniel Rueckert; Ali Kamen

Poster Presentations

Paper ID




3D Organ Shape Reconstruction from Topogram Images

Elena Balashova; Jiangping Wang; Vivek Singh; Bogdan Georgescu; Brian Teixeira; Ankur Kapoor


A Coupled Manifold Optimization Framework to Jointly Model the Functional Connectomics and Behavioral Data Spaces

Niharika S D'Souza; Mary Beth Nebel; Nicholas Wymbs; Stewart Mostofsky; Archana Venkataraman


A cross-center smoothness prior for variational Bayesian brain tissue segmentation

Wouter M Kouw; Silas N Ørting; Jens Petersen; Kim Steenstrup Pedersen; Marleen de Bruijne


A Geometric Framework for Feature Mappings in Multimodal Fusion of Brain Image Data

Wen Zhang; Liang Mi; Paul Thompson; Yalin Wang


A Graph Model of the Lungs with Morphology-based Structure for Tuberculosis Type Classification

Yashin Dicente Cid; Oscar A Jimenez del Toro; Pierre-Alexandre Poletti; Henning Müller


A hierarchical manifold learning framework for high-dimensional brain imaging data

Siyuan Gao; Gal Mishne; Dustin Scheinost


A longitudinal model for tau aggregation in Alzheimer's disease based on structural connectivity

Fan Yang; Samadrita R Chowdhury; Heidi Jacobs; Keith Johnson; Joyita Dutta


A Model for Elastic Evolution on Foliated Shapes

Dai-Ni Hsieh; Sylvain Arguillere; Nicolas Charon; Michael Miller; Laurent Younes


Accurate Nuclear Segmentation with Center Vector Encoding

Jiahui Li; Zhiqiang Hu; Shuang Yang; Yunzhi Wang


Analyzing Mild Cognitive Impairment Progression via Multi-view Structural Learning

Li Wang; Paul Thompson; Dajiang Zhu


Bayesian Longitudinal Modeling of Early Stage Parkinson's Disease Using DaTscan Images

Yuan Zhou; Hemant Tagare


Brain Connectome Based Complex Brain Disorder Prediction via Novel Graph-Blind Convolutional Network

Yanfu Zhang; Heng Huang


Brain Tumor Segmentation with Missing Channels

Yan Shen; Mingchen Gao


CIA-Net: Robust Nuclei Instance Segmentation with Contour-aware Information Aggregation

Yanning Zhou; Omer Fahri Onder; Qi Dou; Efstratios Tsougenis; Hao Chen; Pheng-Ann Heng


Contextual fibre growth to generate realistic axonal packing for diffusion MRI simulation

Ross Callaghan; Daniel Alexander; Gary Zhang; Marco Palombo


Data-driven Model Order Reduction For Diffeomorphic Image Registration

Jian Wang; Wei Xing; Robert Kirby; Miaomiao Zhang


DeepCenterline: a Multi-task Fully Convolutional Network for Centerline Extraction

Zhihui Guo; Junjie Bai; Yi Lu; Xin Wang; Kunlin Cao; Qi Song; Milan Sonka; Youbing Yin


DGR-Net: Deep Groupwise Registration of Multispectral Images

Tongtong Che; Yuanjie Zheng; Xiaodan Sui; Yanyun Jiang; Jinyu Cong; Wanzhen Jiao; Bojun Zhao


ECKO: Ensemble of Clustered Knockoffs for robust multivariate inference on fMRI data

Binh Tuan Nguyen; Jerome-Alexis Chevalier; Bertrand Thirion


Efficient Interpretation of Deep Learning Models Using Graph Structure and Cooperative Game Theory: Application to ASD Biomarker Discovery

Xiaoxiao Li; Nicha Dvornek; Yuan Zhou; Juntang Zhuang; Pamela Ventola; James S Duncan


FastReg: Fast Non-Rigid Registration via Accelerated Optimisation on the Manifold of Diffeomorphisms

Daniel Grzech; Loic Le Folgoc; Mattias Heinrich; Bishesh Khanal; Jakub Moll; Julia A Schnabel; Ben Glocker; Bernhard Kainz


Generalizations of Ripley's K Function with Application to Space Curves

Jon Sporring; Rasmus Waagepetersen; Stefan Sommer


Graph Convolutional Nets for Tool Presence Detection in Surgical Videos

Sheng Wang; Zheng Xu; Chaochao Yan; Junzhou Huang


Group level MEG/EEG source imaging via optimal transport: minimum Wasserstein estimates

Hicham Janati; Thomas Bazeille; Bertrand Thirion; Marco Cuturi; Alexandre Gramfort


High-Order Oriented Cylindrical Flux for Curvilinear Structure Detection and Vessel Segmentation

Jierong Wang; Albert C. S. Chung


InSpect: INtegrated SPECTral Component Estimation and Mapping for Multi-Contrast Microstructural MRI

Paddy Slator; Jana Hutter; Razvan V Marinescu; Marco Palombo; Alexandra Young; Laurence Jackson; Alison Ho; Lucy Chappell; Mary Rutherford; Joseph Hajnal; Daniel Alexander


Joint CS-MRI Reconstruction and Segmentation with a Unified Deep Network

Liyan Sun; Zhiwen Fan; Xinghao Ding; Yue Huang; John Paisley


Joint inference on structural and diffusion MRI for sequence-adaptive Bayesian segmentation of thalamic nuclei with probabilistic atlases

Eugenio Iglesias; Koen Van Leemput; Polina Golland; Anastasia Yendiki


Learning a Conditional Generative Model for Anatomical Shape Analysis

Benjamin Gutierrez Becker; Christian Wachinger


Learning-based Optimization of the Under-sampling Pattern in MRI

Cagla D Bahadir; Adrian V Dalca; Mert Sabuncu


Manifold Exploring Data Augmentation with Geometric Transformations for Increased Performance and Robustness

Magdalini Paschali; Abhijit Guha Roy; Walter A Simson; Ruediger Goebl; Christian Wachinger; Nassir Navab


Melanoma Recognition via Visual Attention

Yiqi Yan; Jeremy Kawahara; Ghassan Hamarneh


Multifold Acceleration of Diffusion MRI via Deep Learning Reconstruction from Slice-Undersampled Data

Yoonmi Hong; Geng Chen; Pew-Thian Yap; Dinggang Shen


Nonlinear Markov Random Fields Learned via Backpropagation

Mikael Brudfors; Yaël Balbastre; John Ashburner


Riemannian geometry learning for disease progression modelling

Maxime Louis; Raphaël Couronné; Igor Koval; Benjamin Charlier; Stanley Durrleman


Robust Biophysical Parameter Estimation with a Neural Network Enhanced Hamiltonian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampler

Thomas Yu; Marco Pizzolato; Gabriel Girard; Jonathan Rafael Patino Lopez; Erick Jorge Canales-Rodrı́guez; Jean-Philippe Thiran


Semi-supervised Learning Method to Brain Tumor Segmentation with an Adapted Mean Teacher Model

Wenhui Cui; Yanlin Liu; Yuxing Li; Menghao Guo; Yiming Li; Xiuli Li; Tianle Wang; Xiangzhu Zeng; Chuyang Ye


SHAMANN: Shared Memory Augmented Neural Networks

Cosmin I Bercea; Olivier Pauly; Andreas K Maier; Florin Ghesu


Shrinkage Estimation on the Manifold of Symmetric Positive-Definite Matrices with Applications to Neuroimaging

Chun-Hao Yang; Baba Vemuri


Signet Ring Cell Detection With a Semi-supervised Learning Framework

Jiahui Li; Shuang Yang; Xiaodi Huang; Qian Da; Xiaoqun Yang; Zhiqiang Hu; Qi Duan; Chaofu Wang; Hongsheng Li


Simultaneous Spatial-temporal Decomposition of Connectome-scale Brain Networks by Deep Sparse Recurrent Auto-encoders

Qing Li; Qinglin Dong; Fangfei Ge; Yu Zhao; Ning Qiang; Han Wang; Heng Huang; Xia Wu; Tianming Liu


Spherical U-Net on Cortical Surfaces: Methods and Applications

Fenqiang Zhao; Shunren Xia; Zhengwang Wu; Dingna Duan; Li Wang; Weili Lin; John Gilmore; Dinggang Shen; Gang Li


Ultrasound Image Representation Learning by Modelling Sonographer Visual Attention

Richard Droste; Yifan Cai; Harshita Sharma; Pierre Chatelain; Lior Drukker; Aris Papageorghiou; Alison Noble


Variational Autoencoder with Truncated Mixture of Gaussians for Functional Connectivity Analysis

Qingyu Zhao; Nicolas Honnorat; Ehsan Adeli; Adolf Pfefferbaum; Edith Sullivan; Kilian Pohl